Automatic sowing machine

Plug seedlings are a new seedling raising technique. This seedling method uses a seedling tray in a compartment. When seeding, one seed per seed is planted. When seedlings are planted in one room, the seeding technique is very strict.

Plug seedlings are divided into mechanical seeding and manual seeding. Mechanical sowing is further divided into an automatic sowing machine and a semi-automatic seeding machine. The operating procedures of the automatic sowing machine include loading, pressing, sowing, covering and spraying water. Before commissioning, the machine is commissioned and maintained, so that the operation of each process is normal. The accuracy of one hole and one grain is over 95%. Can receive better seeding quality. The difference between manual seeding and semi-automatic seeding machine is that one seed is seeded manually, the other is mechanical seeding, and the other work is done manually.

(1) Loading
First, the substrate should be prepared, and the prepared substrate should be placed in the tray. When loading the disc, care should be taken not to press hard. Because the physical properties of the matrix are damaged after compaction, the air content in the matrix and the absorbable water can be absorbed. The content is reduced. The correct method is to use a scraper to scrape from one side of the plug to the other, so that each hole is filled with a matrix, especially the four corners and the edge of the disk. It must be the same as the middle hole. If it is overfilled, each compartment should be clearly visible after loading.
(2) pressure points
The mounted plate should be pressed to facilitate the seeding into the seed. The specially prepared pressure point device can be used to press the hole, or the vertical plate of the substrate can be placed together, 4 to 5 plates are placed together, and placed on top. An empty plate, with both hands placed flat on the plate and pressed down to the required depth.
(3) sowing
Place the seeds in a well-pressed dish or use a semi-automatic seeding machine to seed one hole per hole to avoid leakage.
(4) Coverage
After sowing, cover the tray with vermiculite by pouring the meteorite on the plug, scraping the scraper from one side of the plug to the other, removing the excess vermiculite, covering the vermiculite not too thick, and the compartment It is appropriate.
(5) Watering
After the sowing, the trays should be watered in time, and the watering must be poured. When visual inspection, the water droplets at the bottom of the trays are suitable for seeing the water droplets.
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