How to use Corn planter

The corn planter has the characteristics of uniform seeding, uniform depth, stable row spacing, good soil coverage, seed saving and high work efficiency. The Corn planter can be divided into two types, one is a tractor-driven planter and the other is a manual corn planter. The following points should be taken into account when using the planter:
1 Maintenance before entering the field should clean the sundries in the seeding box and the grass and soil on the opener to ensure good condition, and lubricate the drive and rotating parts of the tractor and planter according to the requirements of the manual. Oil, especially before each operation, pay attention to the lubrication and tension of the drive chain and the tightening of the bolts on the planter.

2 The rack cannot be tilted. After the Corn planter is attached to the tractor, it should not be tilted. The work should be horizontal before and after the rack.
3 Do a good job of various adjustments According to the provisions of the instruction manual and agronomic requirements, adjust the seeding amount, the line spacing of the opener, and the depth of the dredging wheel.
4 Pay attention to the seeds added to the seed box to achieve no small, sputum, and miscellaneous to ensure the effectiveness of the seed; secondly, the seed box should be added at least to cover the entrance of the seed box to ensure smooth seeding. .
5 Trial Broadcasting In order to ensure the quality of the sowing, it is necessary to insist on a trial broadcast of 20 meters before the large-area sowing, and observe the work of the Corn planter. Consultation with agricultural technicians, local farmers, etc., confirming that the local agronomic requirements are met, and then planting large areas.

6 Pay attention to the uniform travel speed of the farmer’s hand to choose the travel route, and ensure that the addition and mechanical access are convenient. When planting, pay attention to the uniform speed and straight forward. Do not slow down or stop midway to avoid replay or missed broadcast; to prevent the opener Blockage, the Corn planter’s lift should be operated while traveling, and the planter should be lifted when turning backwards or turning.
7 First broadcast the ground First, cross the ground, so as not to harden the ground, causing the broadcast depth is too shallow.
8 Frequent observations When planting, the working conditions of the seed meter, opener, cover and transmission mechanism are often observed. If blockage, clay, entanglement, and seed coverage are not strict, it should be eliminated in time. Adjustment, repair, lubrication or cleaning of grass wraps must be done after parking.
9 Protecting the machine When working, it is strictly forbidden to reverse or make sharp turns. The lifting or falling of the Corn planter should be carried out slowly to avoid damage to the machine.
10 Pay attention to the seed box. The seed in the seed box should not be less than 1/5 of the volume of the seed box. When transporting or transferring the land, the seed box should not contain seeds, and no other heavy objects.
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How to carry out seedling seedlings

(1) Seed treatment
To cultivate high-quality plug seedlings, first select seeds with full grain, high vitality and high germination rate. Since many manufacturers sell unsterilized seeds, in order to make the seeds germinated consistently, seed treatment should be carried out before sowing. The seeds can be placed in warm water of 50-60 ° C, stirred clockwise for 20 to 30 minutes, soaked in water for a period of time, rinsed the granules, rinsed with water, and filtered to remove water. Seeds are air-dried or seed pelleted. Seed pelletization is the use of soluble glue to adhere the filler and substances beneficial to seed germination to the surface of the seed, so that the surface of the seed is smooth, the size and shape are consistent, the particle size becomes larger, and the weight increases. The seeds that need to be pelletized are mainly seeds which are finer in size and difficult to seed.

(2) Seedling tray selection
The same number of seedlings, the square cone shape is larger than the conical volume, which can provide more oxygen and nutrients for the root system, so the square pyramid-shaped holes are often used. Used plugs should be cleaned and disinfected before use to prevent the occurrence or spread of pests and diseases.

(3) Loading and sowing
There are two ways of automatic sowing machine and manual seeding. If the number of seedlings is not large, manual seeding can be used to put the prepared substrate into the tray. The substrate is a sifted soil sieved with a small sieve and can not be pressed tightly to prevent damage to the physical properties of the soil. The substrate should not be overfilled to prevent water from flowing out when watering. Put the substrate-mounted trays together, place the hands on top, press them evenly, then carefully place the seeds into the trays, one for each hole, and then gently cover with a layer of fine soil, which is level with the small grid. should. Watering in time after sowing, water can seep at the bottom of the tray.

(4) Watering
Adopting seedlings for seedling raising, the number of watering is more, because the quality of the base in the hole is small, so the watering must be poured through, the water in the bottom of the hole is subject to water seepage, covered with plastic film before winter seedling, moisturizing and heat preservation, summer Keep it in the shade.
When the seedling grows to 3 to 4 true leaves, it can be colonized.

The automatic sowing machine can automatically complete the processes of loading, pressing, sowing, covering, watering, etc., which is convenient and quick, not only saves labor, but also improves efficiency. Please pay attention to our website for more details:

History of Corn planter

In the year of 101, China has promoted the use of cockroaches. This is the world’s earliest hoisting machine, and it is still used in the dry farming areas of northern China.
The first planter was made in Greece in 1636. In 1830, the Russians made plows on the plows of animal power. After 1860, countries such as the United Kingdom and the United States began mass production of animal grain grain drills. After the 20th century, traction and hanging grain drills were introduced, as well as seed drills using pneumatic seeding. Developed precision seeders in the 1950s. China introduced grain seed drills and cotton planters from the 1950s. In the 1960s, it developed into a variety of types such as suspended grain seeders, centrifugal seeders, universal rack seeders and air suction planters, and developed into a milled seed metering device. By the 1970s, two series of sowing cultivators and grain combine planters had been formed, and precision seeders were successfully developed.
The first planter in Europe was made in Greece in 1636. In 1830, the Russians installed a seeding device on the plowing plough to make a plow. The United Kingdom, the United States and other countries began mass production of animal grain grain drills after 1860. After the 20th century, traction and hanging grain drills were introduced, as well as planters using pneumatic seeding. In 1958, the first centrifugal planter appeared in Norway, and various precision seeders were gradually developed after the 1950s.

In the 1950s, China introduced grain drills and cotton planters from abroad. In the 1960s, it successfully developed a variety of models, such as suspended grain seeders, centrifugal seeders, universal rack seeders and air suction planters. And the grinding type seed metering device was successfully developed. By the 1970s, two series of sowing cultivators and grain combine planters had been formed and put into production. Various drills and hole drills for grain, row crops, pasture, and vegetables have been promoted. At the same time, a variety of precision seeders and automatic sowing machines have been developed.

With the development of agricultural mechanization, mechanization has replaced artificialization. When it is not busy, the busy field is not a group of farmers, but a mechanized equipment, especially when planting corn before, it requires two people to cooperate. One person uses a hoe to dig a pit in the ground, and another person puts seeds in it. It is not only labor-intensive but also time consuming. Our newly developed corn planter can quickly plant corn, and Corn planter refers to crop corn seeds. Planting machinery, our company’s Corn planter not only has mechanical and automatic sowing machine, but also is divided into 2 rows, 3 rows, 4 rows, 5 rows, 6 rows or 8 rows. This means giving customers more choices.
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Automatic sowing machine

Plug seedlings are a new seedling raising technique. This seedling method uses a seedling tray in a compartment. When seeding, one seed per seed is planted. When seedlings are planted in one room, the seeding technique is very strict.

Plug seedlings are divided into mechanical seeding and manual seeding. Mechanical sowing is further divided into an automatic sowing machine and a semi-automatic seeding machine. The operating procedures of the automatic sowing machine include loading, pressing, sowing, covering and spraying water. Before commissioning, the machine is commissioned and maintained, so that the operation of each process is normal. The accuracy of one hole and one grain is over 95%. Can receive better seeding quality. The difference between manual seeding and semi-automatic seeding machine is that one seed is seeded manually, the other is mechanical seeding, and the other work is done manually.

(1) Loading
First, the substrate should be prepared, and the prepared substrate should be placed in the tray. When loading the disc, care should be taken not to press hard. Because the physical properties of the matrix are damaged after compaction, the air content in the matrix and the absorbable water can be absorbed. The content is reduced. The correct method is to use a scraper to scrape from one side of the plug to the other, so that each hole is filled with a matrix, especially the four corners and the edge of the disk. It must be the same as the middle hole. If it is overfilled, each compartment should be clearly visible after loading.
(2) pressure points
The mounted plate should be pressed to facilitate the seeding into the seed. The specially prepared pressure point device can be used to press the hole, or the vertical plate of the substrate can be placed together, 4 to 5 plates are placed together, and placed on top. An empty plate, with both hands placed flat on the plate and pressed down to the required depth.
(3) sowing
Place the seeds in a well-pressed dish or use a semi-automatic seeding machine to seed one hole per hole to avoid leakage.
(4) Coverage
After sowing, cover the tray with vermiculite by pouring the meteorite on the plug, scraping the scraper from one side of the plug to the other, removing the excess vermiculite, covering the vermiculite not too thick, and the compartment It is appropriate.
(5) Watering
After the sowing, the trays should be watered in time, and the watering must be poured. When visual inspection, the water droplets at the bottom of the trays are suitable for seeing the water droplets.
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Rice mill machinery / Rice milling method

There are two ways to mill rice, namely: chemical and mechanical methods. In the chemical method, the first is solvent extraction and rice milling. It starts with rice bran oil to soften the brown rice skin layer, and then it is lightly whitened. During the rolling process, it is sprayed with rice bran oil and n-hexane mixture continuously to form “fine rain”. Moisturizing, ultimately low-temperature white rice, by-product rice bran oil and edible defatted rice bran. Another method of chemical method is enzymatic hydrolysis, which uses the “biocutter” of fibrin, which cuts the cortical fiber into short and loose shelves, and can remove the brown rice cortex without grinding, and complete the task of rice making. However, the design ideas of chemical methods are expensive, costly, and economically inefficient, and have not been promoted and applied.

In China, the mechanical method has been widely used to produce rice, which is peeled and whitened by the mechanical force generated by the special Rice mill machinery (rice mills machines). If the force is mainly pressure, the form of peeling is regarded as rubbing off; if peeling is achieved at high speed, the form of peeling is converted into grinding. In general, the two characteristics co-exist in the device, but it seems to be weak in different models. The rubbing of the iron mill is stronger than the grinding, and the grinding of the rice mill machinery exceeds the rubbing.

The effect of rubbing comes from the relative movement between the walls and between the grains. When the binding force between the cortex and the endosperm is less than the frictional force, the cortex will be pulled off and erased, and the brown rice will be white. However, when the friction is not greater than the structural strength of the endosperm, the rice is intact. In order to achieve the best of both worlds, it is suitable for the processing of brown rice with high strength and soft skin. For brown rice with weak strength, it is easy to cause broken rice. The force of milling mainly comes from the high-speed rotation between the inner roller and the outer cylinder and the sand blade of the surface diamond grains. The brown rice is continuously crushed as a sandwich in the chaotic travel, causing the cortex to rupture and fall off, and the brown rice is whitened. The characteristics of this whitening are: low pressure, high linear velocity; large centrifugal acceleration, which is suitable for the processing of brown rice with weak strength and hard surface. Although the broken rice is small, the beige color is dark, the light is not smooth, and the accuracy is not easy. Evenly.
The two kinds of whitening have their own advantages. In practice, most of them are used in two kinds of whitening, and they are used to avoid shortness to achieve better results. For example, the horizontal mill machinery used in China is a mixed whitening machine with high rice yield, less broken rice, large output and beautiful beige color.
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Seeding machine

The nursery seeding machine is developed by Zhengzhou Taizy machine based on the current domestic seedling production status. Meet the seeding and seedling needs of vegetable production bases. Committed to improving the efficiency of seedling seedling sowing, greatly reducing the labor cost of seeding and seedling production, and improving the quality of seedling production. By rational design, quality and performance are reduced while reducing costs. With the highest price/performance ratio, the lowest price is beneficial to the majority of users.

Seeding machine is made entirely of stainless steel, the core components are imported parts, and the seeding machine is easy to operate. Users only need to provide 220V universal power supply to work immediately, without professional maintenance personnel.
Nursery seeding machine advantages:
The machine is small in size, light in weight, flexible in operation, simple in structure, and has a pressing point, and the seeding and seeding are completed once.
1.750 watt imported whirlpool fan with strong suction.
2. Made entirely of high quality stainless steel.
3. According to different seed and sowing requirements, configure the corresponding seeding board and suction head.
4. Can be equipped with seeding board 288 holes, 200 holes, 128 holes, 105 holes, 98 holes, 72 holes, 50 holes, 32 holes. The seeding board is matched with the tray, and the 54*28 international standard seedling tray.
5. One plate at a time of sowing, the sowing speed is 400-500 hours, and the seeding rate is 955%–8%. Efficient and convenient to use, easy to operate.

Nursery seeding machine service:
 The after-sales service is perfect, the whole machine will be free of charge for one year from the date of purchase. All accessories are permanently available at a cost price after the free warranty period. Speed: 400-500 discs/hour, seeding rate: 95%–98% or more. Large and small seeds can be broadcast to the maximum broadcast: soybeans, peas, corn, pumpkin, etc., the smallest can be broadcast: petunia (1 g 10,000), celery, cabbage, etc., conventional seeds: eggplant, pepper, tomato, lettuce and other seeds . 1 set of equipment pk15– 20 personal workers, artificial point of 100 sets / day / person, the machine points to 3000 sets / day / 2 people. Achieve precision seeding. Simple, practical, elementary school culture, junior high school culture will operate. Generally seeding machines can make uncertain seeds such as pumpkin, lettuce, watermelon, corn, etc. No need for auxiliary facilities such as air compressors, no need for professional maintenance, and the completion of the nursery production line with the back-watering sprinkler conveyor line. The nursery seeding machine contains a set of molds (pressure plate, seeding plate, precision suction hole). For example, the machine contains a set of 50-hole molds. There are 72 points and 105 holes on your side. 2 sets of molds can be used and can be shared on one machine. According to the size of the seed, the corresponding suction head is matched.
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Development and application status of seedling seeding seeding machine

The development of foreign facility agriculture was earlier, and the development of plug seedling planting equipment as a supporting facility for facility nursery was relatively early. At present, the nursery factories in Japan and the United States have developed large-scale use of greenhouse mechanized seedling planting equipment, which can be used to fill the soil, scrape, nest, sow, cover soil and watering in a multi-stage process. The job line is automatically completed. The use of complete sets of equipment can greatly improve the production efficiency and reduce the labor intensity of workers; the depth of the nest, the thickness of the soil, and the degree of compaction can also be applied to seedlings of different types by computer, and the seedling emergence rate and seedling quality can be improved. The vegetable seedling seedling rate in developed countries has exceeded 70%.

China’s facility seedlings started late seedling seedling technology was introduced from abroad in the mid-1980s. After years of development, plug seedlings have become the main breeding method for our facility agriculture. Although it has been developed in China in recent years, 2SB-400 type seedling seedling precision seeding machine developed by China Agricultural Engineering Research and Design Institute and China Agricultural University, etc., 2BQJP-120 type seeding seeding machine developed by Beijing Haidian Agricultural Machinery Research Institute ;ZM 0911 vegetable flower breeding seedling suction-type precision seeding line produced by Taizhou, Zhejiang; 2ZBQ 300 double-layer drum air suction planter developed by Guangxi Agricultural Mechanization Research Institute, but due to high price, high operating cost, etc., only a few Large-scale nursery factories have been promoted. In most small and medium-sized seedling enterprises, seedling planting is mainly based on artificial seeding. Taizy has ingested many research institutes to develop Automatic nursery seeding machine, which is not only cheap but also highly efficient. Please pay attention to our website for more details:

Can sunflower seeds be eaten raw?

Sunflower seeds, also known as Chaoyanghuazi, Tiankuizi, Wangri, and sunflower, are the fruits of the annual herb of the genus Asteraceae. Compared with many nut foods, Kui Ren has higher protein content, lower calories, and no cholesterol. It is a healthy and nutritious food that people like very much, especially sunflower seeds just picked from the ground. The sunflower thresher takes off the sunflower seeds, and the freshly picked sunflower seeds also have a sweet taste.

Because sunflower seeds contain a lot of dietary fiber, it can reduce the incidence of colon cancer. The abundant potassium in sunflower seeds is very beneficial for protecting heart function and preventing high blood pressure. The phytosterols and phospholipids contained in sunflower seeds can inhibit the synthesis of cholesterol in the human body, prevent excessive plasma cholesterol and prevent arteriosclerosis. Sunflower seeds have a comprehensive anti-cancer effect, which has a positive effect on improving nutrition, fitness and disease prevention, and anti-cancer and anti-cancer. Vitamin B3 contained in sunflower seeds regulates brain cell metabolism and improves its inhibitory function, so it can be used for hypnosis.

At the same time, sunflower seed kernels have a high linoleic acid content. This is a very important fatty acid that helps reduce blood cholesterol levels in the body. The human body cannot produce linoleic acid by itself, and it can only be taken from food. Kwai Ren is a good source of this nutrient. Kui Ren is rich in vitamin E and arginine, which is beneficial to the maintenance of sexual function and sperm quality, and enhances human immune function.

Generally, sunflower seeds are warm and dry after being fried. It is easy to cause symptoms such as dry mouth, mouth sores, toothache, and dryness, so patients should not use them. Use more during the diet or cook with other foods.

So sunflower seeds can be eaten raw, even better than cooked. Sunflower seeds are delicious but not easy to pick. The sunflower thresher produced by our company can quickly remove sunflower seeds. For more information, please pay attention to our website:

How to use Chaff Cutter correctly

Chaff Cutter is used correctly:
Chaff Cutter needs to be used by a person to use it. The user should carefully study the instructions and understand its structural performance.
Being able to use Chaff Cutter skillfully, how to use Chaff Cutter correctly, here’s how to use Chaff Cutter to talk about your views correctly.

1. The test operation can be put into production and use after confirming that it is normal.
2. Install the bracket and motor according to the instructions. The outer end of the mower and the motor wheel must be on the same plane.
The elastic adjustment should be appropriate and should not be too loose or too tight.
3. Install the feeding hopper, check whether the fastening screws of each part are loose, cover the cover, tighten the gland bolts, and use the hand.
Move the pulley to see if it is flexible and there is no friction or collision.
4. After the installation is completed, the gear and the small amount of lubricating oil can be used for the idling test. Pay attention to whether the steering is correct or not.
You can work normally after mistakes.

5. Regularly check the fastening bolts of each part, especially whether the moving knife, fixed knife and fastening bolt are loose. Regularly apply a proper amount of lubricating oil to the gears, usually adding oil every 2-3 hours.
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Seeding machine-potting seedling technique operation method

Plug tray seedling is a new seedling technology used in anti-season vegetable production in recent years. Compared with traditional seedling cultivation methods, it has the following advantages: seedling is quick after seeding, seedlings are tidy, seedling rate is high, seed amount is saved; seedling age Short, the seedlings are of good quality, the roots are developed and intact, the roots are less when transplanting, the seedlings are fast, and the harvest period is advanced; the seedbed area is small, the management is convenient, and the transportation and the soil are not used, the substrate is disinfected, and the seedlings have fewer pests and diseases. The mechanized seeding machine can be used to quickly raise seedlings and reduce labor costs.

Specific operation method:
1. The selection and disinfection of the trays, the size of the trays is mostly 54.9×27.8cm, and the specifications of the trays are 72 holes and 108 respectively. The seedling trays are placed in the bleaching powder solution diluted 100 times (ie 1 kg bleaching powder plus 99). Soaked in kilograms of water), soaked for 8~10 hours, taken out and dried for use.
2, matrix preparation: At present, the commonly used matrix materials for plug seedlings are grass charcoal, vermiculite, perlite, etc., more use of charcoal: vermiculite: perlite = 2:1:1, should also add appropriate amount of inorganic fertilizer in the matrix With organic fertilizer, add 2.6~3.1 kg of NPK compound fertilizer 15:15:15 and 10~15 kg of deodorized chicken manure and other organic fertilizer per cubic meter of matrix. The pH of the matrix is ​​5.8 to 7.0.
Peat is a semi-decomposed swamp vegetation with a pH of 3.8~4.5. It has fine texture and poor gas permeability. It is often mixed with vermiculite or perlite.

Matrix disinfection.
3. Loading: First, the substrate should be prepared, and the prepared substrate should be placed in the tray. When loading the disc, care should be taken not to press hard. Because the physical properties of the matrix are damaged after compaction, the air content in the matrix is And the amount of absorbable water is reduced. The correct method is to use a scraper to scrape from one side of the plug to the other, so that each tray is filled with the substrate, especially the four corners and the edge of the disk, must be the same as the middle hole. The matrix cannot be overfilled and the cells should be clearly visible after filling.
4, pressure points: the installed disk should be pressed to facilitate the insertion of seeds into the hole, you can use the specially made pressure point device to press the hole, you can also put the vertical plate of the substrate with the matrix, 4~5 plate Place an empty plate on top and place both hands flat on the plate until the required depth is reached.
5, sowing: the seeds are placed in the plate of the well-pressed points, one hole per hole, to avoid the missed broadcast, the seed with low germination rate is 2 seeds per hole. 6. Covering the substrate: Cover the tray with vermiculite after sowing. The method is to pour the meteorite on the plug, scrape the scraper from one side of the plug to the other, remove the excess meteorite, and cover the meteorite. It is appropriate to be level with the cell.

7. Seedling tray into the bed: Place the seeded seedling tray in the seedbed, pour the seedling tray with water in time, spray it gently and evenly, prevent the matrix and seeds in the hole from rushing out, then The seedling bed is covered with a mulch film to prevent water dispersion in the seedling tray. When covering the mulch film, some small bamboo strips need to be placed on the seedling tray to leave a gap between the film and the seedling tray without sticking. It is also possible to dip the tray into the water tank before seeding after the substrate is placed, and the water is slowly infiltrated from the bottom of the tray, and the water absorption is relatively uniform, and then placed in the seedbed.
Taizing’s seeding machine can realize automatic seeding, soil covering, irrigation and other processes. It has the advantages of reducing labor costs, convenient management and convenient transportation. For more details, please pay attention to our website: