Plug seedling machine

Introduction to plug seedlings:
The seedling raising technique is a modern seedling raising technique using a light substrate and soilless material such as peat, vermiculite as a seedling substrate, mechanized precision seeding, one hole and one seed, and one-time seedling formation. Mechanized seedling can be completed by using the nursery seeding machine.
Plug seedlings are a new seedling technology developed in Europe and the United States in the 1970s. They are listed as key science and technology projects of the Ministry of Agriculture during the “7th Five-Year Plan” and “Eighth Five-Year Plan” period. It has become the main method for the production of specialized commercial seedlings in many countries.

Advantages of plug seedlings:
1. Plug seedlings can be completed by mechanical means in the process of filling, sowing, germination, etc. The operation is simple and fast, and is suitable for large-scale production.
2. The seeds are evenly distributed, and the seedling rate is high, which reduces the seed cost.
3. The seedlings in each hole in the plug are relatively independent, which not only reduces the spread of pests and diseases, but also reduces the nutritional competition between the seedlings, and the root system can also fully develop.
4. Increase seedling density, facilitate intensive management, increase greenhouse utilization, and reduce production costs.

5. Due to uniform seeding and management, the growth and development of seedlings are consistent, and the quality of seedlings is improved, which is conducive to large-scale production.
6. Seedling seedling transplanting is simple and convenient, does not damage the root system, and has a high survival rate and a short seedling period.
7. Plug seedlings are easy to store and transport.
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Chaff cutter use precautions

(1) When the chaff cutter is operated, the safety protection equipment must be complete.
(2) The operator should fully understand the performance of the machine. It is strictly forbidden to start work after drinking, sickness or excessive fatigue. When working, people and things should not be close to the running part.
(3) Adolescents under the age of 16 and those who do not have the rules for the use of the machine are not allowed to work alone.

(4) The work area of ​​the chaff cutter should be spacious and equipped with fireproof equipment.
(5) When feeding grass, the operator should stand on the side of the feeding hopper, and it is forbidden to reach into the shield of the feeding hopper with both hands. At the same time, it is necessary to strictly prevent wooden sticks, metal objects, masonry, etc. from entering the machine, so as to avoid injury to the machine.
(6) It is forbidden to reverse the cutter head.

(7) The chaff cutter must work at the specified speed. It is forbidden to overspeed and overload work.
(8) When replacing the fasteners of the moving and fixed blades, 8.8 bolts and 8 nuts must be used. It should not be replaced by low-grade bolts and nuts.
(9) If abnormal noise is found during work, stop the inspection immediately. Power must be cut off before inspection to prevent troubles when the machine is running.
(10) The amount of material to be fed should be appropriate, and too much may cause the overload to stop. Of course, it should not be too small, too little will affect the efficiency of cutting.
(11) Before stopping work, first set the displacement handle to 0 position, let the machine idle for about 2 minutes, and then stop the dust and weeds in the machine.

Chaff cutters for sale
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How do sunflower seeds thresh?

Immediately after the harvest, spread it out on the drying ground, beat it with a soft cloth or cotton, hand-pick the seed coat and take out the grain, or after harvesting, put the oil sunflower seed into the pot and put it on the glove. The seeds are lightly licked and open until the seed coat fades.

Try to dry it as much as possible, hammer it with a wooden stick, or tricycle and tractor on it (thicker to prevent crushing). The seeds are then separated.
Nowadays, there is usually no manual degranulation. There is a special sunflower thresher, which is efficient and convenient.
When is sunflower seed harvested?
Choosing the optimum harvest time for sunflowers is also a key measure to achieve higher benefits. Premature harvesting of the grain is not full and the skin color is not good, and the harvest is too late and the grain is reduced. When the back of the sunflower flower turns white and yellow, the edge becomes 2cm brown, and the upper part of the plant leaves yellow and falls off. When the seed skin hardens, the harvest is suitable for the harvest. After the harvesting, the trays are dried in time and de-granulated in selected packaging towns. The water content of edible seeds should be reduced to 10% – 12%, and the oil used should be reduced to 7% in order to be safely stored.
The harvesting date is generally in September. When the sunflower stalk turns yellow, the upper leaves turn yellow-green, the lower leaves are yellow and drooping, and the back of the disk turns brown. The lingual flowers dry and fall off, and the yellow leaves in the leaves become the characteristic color of this variety. The black is translucent, with small white stripes, and there is not much water in the kernel. At this time, the harvest is most ideal.

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Advantages of mechanized seedlings

The main advantages of mechanized seedlings are as follows:
(1) Energy conservation Mechanized seedlings have adopted specialized production, centralized seedling and centralized heating, avoiding energy waste caused by scattered seedlings.
(2) Saving labor Because mechanization is achieved by sowing, water spraying and spray spraying, labor can be saved. Traditional nursery can only manage 25,000 seedlings per person, and mechanized nursery can manage 70,000 to 80,000 seedlings per person. Due to the use of seedling trays, it is light in weight and easy to transport over long distances. The traditional nursery seedlings weigh 0.8 to 1 kilogram, and the mechanized seedlings are only 35 to 50 grams per plant, only 1/20 of the former.
(3) Saving seedling area Traditional breeding seedlings can only grow 50,000 seedlings in 667 m2, and more than 250,000 in mechanized seedlings.
(4) Saving seeds Mechanized seedlings can be sown in precision, with 1 capsule per hole, and the seed amount is only 1/5 to 1/10 of the conventional seedling. The amount of tomato used in 667 m 2 is only 10-20 g.
(5) High survival rate Mechanized seedlings do not damage roots when transplanted, the survival rate is as high as 100%, and the seedling time is short after planting.
(6) Early maturity Although the seedling age is short, the leaves are 2 to 3 leaves less than the conventional seedlings. However, according to the test, the 32-day seedling age of the cauliflower grows faster and matures earlier than the conventional 43-day seedling age.
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How to thresh corn?

Everyone knows that corn is one of the larger crops in China, but when we harvest the corn after harvesting, it will make people feel very troublesome. When the technology of our country was not developed in the past, When everyone thought of using a manual peeling of corn, it was a very headache. When I was in junior high school, I experienced the threshing of corn by hand. At that time, I felt tired and not too much. It was very troublesome, but now the technology is developing rapidly. Next, we developed the Corn sheller, using the machine to thresh the corn, let me take everyone to see which corn threshing method.

1. Hand-made threshing: This method is a method of threshing that is often seen in rural areas in the past few years. At that time, after the corn was threshed, all the blood was in the hands, and it was very uncomfortable to look at the heart, but that was Technology is very backward, and it can only be threshed by hand. At that time, the efficiency of corn peeled off by hand is really low. Some people may not know that the way to save the manual is to use a screwdriver to sew the corn from the middle, and then peel it off by hand. Some people will put the two corns together and rub each other. This method pulls the threshing, but it is also very laborious. There is also the use of hand to peel the corn one by one, so there is a certain advantage is that the corn is stripped very clean, but also save a lot of trouble.

2, manual mechanical threshing: With the development of science and technology getting better and better, the annual output of corn grown by migrant workers is getting higher and higher, so the threshing of corn also takes a lot of time, but through people’s continuous research, it is slowly A simple and convenient half-machine thresher is used, which is to put it on the stool with the shoes we used to pass, and then rub it, so that it can be threshed. In this way, migrant workers save a lot of time and effort, and naturally it is not so hard. Later, some people made a hand-type threshing machine according to this principle. As long as they were held by hand and then shaken clockwise, they could be threshed. Therefore, this also shows that technology is also improving.

3, mechanical degranulation is now so developed era is not as backward as before, with the development of technology is getting better and better, has also developed a lot of corn thresher, naturally become fully automated, now we just go Strip the corn back in the ground, and then flatten them for the sun when the weather is better. When the corn is dried, we can use the corn thresher to thresh them, and this is the case. The efficiency is very high. It took a long time to get the job done. Now we can finish them in a few hours. It can be said that it is too convenient, and it also reduces the unnecessary ill factors of people’s bodies. This will enable the farmer’s workers not to be too tired, that is, to solve the interests and help people to develop better in the future, it is really very good.

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How to quickly cut and smash straw straw?

Chaff Cutter uses corn stalks, wheat straw, straw and other crops as processing materials to produce feed processing equipment suitable for livestock breeding cattle, sheep, horses and deer feeds by mechanical smashing. Now it is all smashed with a machine. How did it smash straw and straw?

Now most young people don’t know how to scribble in the past. I will simply say that scribble is to smash the poles or grasses of the crops with a sickle to feed the cows or sheep. The specific method is to press one by one, and A person puts the grass down to the sickle. In my hometown, the two old brothers next door often scribbled in the yard. The two brothers scribbled the grass. The boss loves fart, and he puts a fart when he presses hard. The voice is not loud, it is a snoring, the second child is very unhappy, and he screams heavily, indicating that he is very dissatisfied. The boss snorted and snorted, and the second child snorted again. So the old man screamed at the old man and screamed at the old man screaming ~~~ next to their aging mother doing needlework, I don’t know if the old lady’s ear was not listening or she was joking with her two sons, she said Your brothers and children are still busy talking about the work.
In the past, the scene of artificial weeding was not common. Now, in addition to some remote mountainous areas, most rural farmers are a Chaff Cutter. They only need to open the Chaff cutter and put the straw straw into the feeding port. It can quickly smash straw straw, improve the palatability of livestock, and save labor.

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Rice thresher machine-How does rice turn into rice?

Rice is the main food in our country, but we usually eat rice after shelling. In fact, many people have never seen rice, and they don’t know how rice has evolved from rice. The following is a brief introduction. When harvesting, holding the grass in the right hand and using the grass hook to gather a few rice together, and then twisting the rice together, the left hand grabbed the rice and the grass slid up, and then used the sickle to put the rice. Cut off from the middle, this is one of the tricks, generally cut three or four, and then put the rice on the shelf, the specific cut to be placed on the shelf depends on how much you can get with your left hand. When you fill the shelf, you can pick up the village’s ground hall (Sun Valley). When you finish work in the evening, you can throw the recovered rice on the ground floor, sprinkle it into a round cake or oval shape. When you sprinkle it, ask for rice to be beaten. Scattered, the thickness is the same everywhere, after the sprinkling, you can let the cow racks on the heaves over and over again (rolling).
When you are crushing, you should also pay attention to the skill. Take the elliptical route. The next round of printing should be stacked on the side of the print. If you don’t go well, it is easy to sandwich (not grind), repeating a few rounds and turns. After all, the rice on the upper layer has basically fallen off, but the bottom is not yet. At this time, it is necessary to turn up the bottom and use the fork to pick up the rice straw.

Gently shake the rice into the bottom of the rice straw shop. This step is called turning the grass. After all the turning, it is crushed. Generally, it can be turned out three or four times to get the grass (clearing the stem). There will be a lot of broken rice leaves in the rice left after the rod is cleaned. At this time, most of the rice leaves inside will be cleaned out with a broom, and then you can pick it up and pick it up the next day and then dry it. Drying is also a bitter work. To diligently turn over the valley, always pay attention to the weather changes. The most annoying is the showers, the clouds and rains, and the time is too late to get wet.
After drying for a few days, I feel that I can dry it up (blowing) and remove the empty shell and debris. The grain blown out by the wind cabinet has three grades, one cabinet is best for the most full people, two The cabinet is half full for feeding poultry (goose, duck, etc.), and the cabinet ends are not required for empty shells and sundries. Leave a good, full rice or sell it or keep it yourself. These are the previous conditions. It takes several days to complete the harvest by manpower. Now it is the machine that drives into the field and directly picks up the rice home, saving a lot of work.
The process by which we turn rice into rice is called machine rice. In general, there are rice machines in the countryside to do the rice business. The rice is poured into the funnel on the machine. When the machine is started, the rice will be released while the rice is being cooked. The rice that has just been finished is put into the wind cabinet and blown twice. Yes. In the past, the rice was also a few dollars at a time. If you don’t want the rice bran boss to give you money, the rice bran is usually used to feed the pigs or feed the chickens. When feeding the pigs, sprinkle a rice bran in the drowning water. .
After threshing, it is necessary to raise the field, that is, to find the wind direction, use the raft to throw up the rice grains, the wind blows away the debris of the grass, and the rice grains fall together. This life is not for anyone to do, and the old crops are In order to be competent, this process completed the third drying. It’s easy to turn rice into rice, and it’s fine to go to Mill Square. These are the previous conditions. It is time-consuming and laborious to rely on human threshing and milling. Now it is directly put rice into the rice thresher machine, and the machine is used to directly remove the rice shell. After the rice is milled, the skin is covered with rice. It turned into white rice.

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Nursery seeding machine-potting seedling operation process and attention points

Vegetable seedlings are made of advanced facilities, equipment and management techniques, placing different growth stages of seedlings in the optimal environment controlled by humans, giving full play to the potential of seedling growth, and breeding high-quality seedlings quickly and with high quality. A factory breeding method. Any vegetable that can be transplanted and transplanted can be seeded and seeded, and is particularly suitable for vegetable seedlings with weak roots, poor regeneration ability and short seedling age.
The seedlings of seedlings are covered with large and small quadrangular pyramids, so they are also called “plug seedlings”. The seedlings cultivated by plugging seedlings have short seedling age, seedlings are tidy, robust, no pests and diseases, and after planting. Still good for seedlings. The use of the plug tray can be used for centralized seedling raising and unified management. The seedling period is not restricted by the environment, and it can not only raise seedlings in large quantities, but also save labor.

The facilities for plug seedlings mainly include seeding machine, seed pelleting machine, plug tray, seeding room, germination chamber and greening room. Simple tray seedlings can be used as long as there is a tray (equivalent to the nutrition in the general nursery) and insulation and moisturizing facilities. At present, the commonly used plug tray is a porous plastic disc with a length of 55 cm, a width of 28 cm and a height of 5.5 cm. According to the size of the hole, there are 50 holes, 72 holes, 128 holes, etc. Different vegetable types can be selected accordingly. The specifications of the plugs, such as the general leaves, cauliflower vegetables with 128 holes, the solanes with 72 holes.
Strict tray seedling cultivation, its operation process includes several stages such as preparation before sowing, sowing, germination, greening and seedling formation, and the various stages are connected before and after, and different management methods are adopted in different stages. The tomato seedlings are taken as an example to illustrate the operation process of seedlings. The first is preparation before sowing, including tray cleaning, disinfection, seed treatment (seed disinfection and pelletization) and matrix preparation. It then enters the planting plant for precision seeding on a precision seeder, which includes loading (matrix), pressing, seeding, covering and watering. Then enter the germination chamber for germination, and maintain about 28 ° C, humidity 90% or more, about 2 to 3 days after emergence. When about 80% of the seeds are topped out, the plugs are moved into the greening room to allow the seedlings to receive light, and the temperature is controlled at about 25 °C, so that the seedlings can continue to emerge and prevent the lengthening. When the seedlings are out, the seedling period management is carried out, and the temperature of the greening room is controlled at about 25 °C during the day and 15 °C at night, and the substrate is kept moist. The seedlings were incubated 7 to 10 days before transplanting to adapt the seedlings to the field environment.

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Common vegetable flower tray seeding machine

Vegetable intensive seedlings provide high-quality, uniform seedlings for vegetable production, which is an important measure to achieve standardization of vegetable production. At present, it is mainly based on seedling raising methods, in which sowing is the key technical link of seedling raising, and manual seeding takes time. Labor and other characteristics, and uniformity is poor, the application of seeding machine seeding is an inevitable trend. Through several years of experimental demonstrations, Henan Province has cultivated large-scale seedling raising bases, basically mastered the seedling raising technology of main vegetable varieties, and at the same time, combined with relevant units, carried out experimental demonstrations on the introduction and development of vegetable seeding seeding machines, and made progress in stages. At present, the large-scale seedling raising enterprises have gradually replaced the manual sowing, especially the development and demonstration of the sowing line, which has better solved the bottleneck of the fine seeding technology of the plug tray, greatly improved the production efficiency, improved the product quality and reduced the quality of the factory seedlings. The production cost has laid a good foundation and is conducive to promoting the rapid development of vegetable intensive seedlings in our province and even the whole country. The main type of seeding screening machine is now introduced as follows.

Nursery seeding machine type
According to the characteristics of the seedling seedling planter, the current principle is vacuum adsorption. There are three types of needle-type seed drills, needle-type precision seeders, and air-suction tray seedlings. According to the degree of automation, there are Handheld, semi-automatic, fully automatic assembly line three types.

1. Needle plate nursery seeding machine
It is a desktop structure, small in size, easy to move to the field, and has its own pneumatic system. It has automatic line-casting function. It is suitable for all kinds of plugs. It can make naked seeds or pelletized seeds. The working efficiency is 40 holes. /hour, 160 holes for 100 disks / hour.
Second, needle precision seeding seeding machine
It is a computer-controlled mechatronics modern gardening equipment. It adopts the working mode of negative pressure suction and positive pressure blowing, which can precisely control the row spacing, row number and seeding quantity of the tray. The number of seeding per hole is 1 -6 tablets, which can be determined by the user’s own program, so that all the punching and sowing can be automated, and there are 9 kinds of needles of different specifications, suitable for broadcasting all kinds of naked seeds, and suitable for broadcasting small seeds such as begonia, tobacco and rape. Suitable for any type and specification of the tray, the seeding speed is 200 trays / hour.
Third, the air suction type seedlings seedlings nursery seeding machine
The planter adopts the working principle of negative pressure suction and whole plate sowing, which can conveniently complete the two steps of the substrate soil pit and seeding of the seedling seedling, by replacing the different types and different specifications of the suction plate, and different specifications. The nursery seedlings are adapted to meet the requirements of seeding precision seeding of different crops such as rice, vegetables, cotton, rapeseed and flowers. The outstanding advantages of the machine are negative pressure suction, hole-guided filling, high filling rate, and the whole plate can be sown for 1 hole, the performance is stable, and the working efficiency is 120-180 disks/hour.

How rice thresher machine works

The rice thresher machine uses a 3 kW motor and a blower. The steering and stopping of the motor and fan are controlled by a reverse switch. The motor rotates clockwise to feed the rice spikes, the counterclockwise turn is mainly used to push out the rice spikes and troubleshoot, and the fan is used to blow off the chips and slag generated in the threshing. The motor passes the pulley, the continuously variable transmission pulley and the synchronous toothed belt pulley, so that the cutter head and the special-shaped cutter rotate the rice ear, and the steering handle is adjusted during operation to increase or decrease the cutter speed; the other transmission line is composed of two levels of triangle. The pulley and the worm gear drive the three groups of rollers to rotate.

The rice thresher machine drum is equipped with a compression spring, a rubber roller and a plastic roller. When the two rubber rollers rotate, the rubber roller functions as both a clamping and a rice ear. The spring can also adjust the two rollers according to the diameter of the rice. The distance between them is adapted to the requirements of different rice threshing. A set of plastic rollers holds and transports the rice to the waste bin. The tool and the cutterhead are lubricated with a drip cup and the oil is made from olive oil. In order to make the structure compact, the cutter head is equipped with plastic bearings. The plastic bearing rotates on the shaft.
The main lubrication part of rice thresher machine is worm gear, worm and plastic bearing. The worm gear and worm are open drive and lubricated with butter. The plastic bearing needs lubrication during operation. The standard needle valve type oil cup is used. The volume is 200 ml. And equipped with a drip-type tubing for this purpose, one end of the tubing is bolted to the oil cup, and the other end is connected to the oil groove on the bearing. During work, the size of the drip in the oil cup tubing can be adjusted. It is best to use olive oil for the lubricating oil, and the price can be tested with other edible oils.