Development and application status of seedling seeding seeding machine

The development of foreign facility agriculture was earlier, and the development of plug seedling planting equipment as a supporting facility for facility nursery was relatively early. At present, the nursery factories in Japan and the United States have developed large-scale use of greenhouse mechanized seedling planting equipment, which can be used to fill the soil, scrape, nest, sow, cover soil and watering in a multi-stage process. The job line is automatically completed. The use of complete sets of equipment can greatly improve the production efficiency and reduce the labor intensity of workers; the depth of the nest, the thickness of the soil, and the degree of compaction can also be applied to seedlings of different types by computer, and the seedling emergence rate and seedling quality can be improved. The vegetable seedling seedling rate in developed countries has exceeded 70%.

China’s facility seedlings started late seedling seedling technology was introduced from abroad in the mid-1980s. After years of development, plug seedlings have become the main breeding method for our facility agriculture. Although it has been developed in China in recent years, 2SB-400 type seedling seedling precision seeding machine developed by China Agricultural Engineering Research and Design Institute and China Agricultural University, etc., 2BQJP-120 type seeding seeding machine developed by Beijing Haidian Agricultural Machinery Research Institute ;ZM 0911 vegetable flower breeding seedling suction-type precision seeding line produced by Taizhou, Zhejiang; 2ZBQ 300 double-layer drum air suction planter developed by Guangxi Agricultural Mechanization Research Institute, but due to high price, high operating cost, etc., only a few Large-scale nursery factories have been promoted. In most small and medium-sized seedling enterprises, seedling planting is mainly based on artificial seeding. Taizy has ingested many research institutes to develop Automatic nursery seeding machine, which is not only cheap but also highly efficient. Please pay attention to our website for more details: