How to carry out seedling seedlings

(1) Seed treatment
To cultivate high-quality plug seedlings, first select seeds with full grain, high vitality and high germination rate. Since many manufacturers sell unsterilized seeds, in order to make the seeds germinated consistently, seed treatment should be carried out before sowing. The seeds can be placed in warm water of 50-60 ° C, stirred clockwise for 20 to 30 minutes, soaked in water for a period of time, rinsed the granules, rinsed with water, and filtered to remove water. Seeds are air-dried or seed pelleted. Seed pelletization is the use of soluble glue to adhere the filler and substances beneficial to seed germination to the surface of the seed, so that the surface of the seed is smooth, the size and shape are consistent, the particle size becomes larger, and the weight increases. The seeds that need to be pelletized are mainly seeds which are finer in size and difficult to seed.

(2) Seedling tray selection
The same number of seedlings, the square cone shape is larger than the conical volume, which can provide more oxygen and nutrients for the root system, so the square pyramid-shaped holes are often used. Used plugs should be cleaned and disinfected before use to prevent the occurrence or spread of pests and diseases.

(3) Loading and sowing
There are two ways of automatic sowing machine and manual seeding. If the number of seedlings is not large, manual seeding can be used to put the prepared substrate into the tray. The substrate is a sifted soil sieved with a small sieve and can not be pressed tightly to prevent damage to the physical properties of the soil. The substrate should not be overfilled to prevent water from flowing out when watering. Put the substrate-mounted trays together, place the hands on top, press them evenly, then carefully place the seeds into the trays, one for each hole, and then gently cover with a layer of fine soil, which is level with the small grid. should. Watering in time after sowing, water can seep at the bottom of the tray.

(4) Watering
Adopting seedlings for seedling raising, the number of watering is more, because the quality of the base in the hole is small, so the watering must be poured through, the water in the bottom of the hole is subject to water seepage, covered with plastic film before winter seedling, moisturizing and heat preservation, summer Keep it in the shade.
When the seedling grows to 3 to 4 true leaves, it can be colonized.

The automatic sowing machine can automatically complete the processes of loading, pressing, sowing, covering, watering, etc., which is convenient and quick, not only saves labor, but also improves efficiency. Please pay attention to our website for more details: