Seeding machine-potting seedling technique operation method

Plug tray seedling is a new seedling technology used in anti-season vegetable production in recent years. Compared with traditional seedling cultivation methods, it has the following advantages: seedling is quick after seeding, seedlings are tidy, seedling rate is high, seed amount is saved; seedling age Short, the seedlings are of good quality, the roots are developed and intact, the roots are less when transplanting, the seedlings are fast, and the harvest period is advanced; the seedbed area is small, the management is convenient, and the transportation and the soil are not used, the substrate is disinfected, and the seedlings have fewer pests and diseases. The mechanized seeding machine can be used to quickly raise seedlings and reduce labor costs.

Specific operation method:
1. The selection and disinfection of the trays, the size of the trays is mostly 54.9×27.8cm, and the specifications of the trays are 72 holes and 108 respectively. The seedling trays are placed in the bleaching powder solution diluted 100 times (ie 1 kg bleaching powder plus 99). Soaked in kilograms of water), soaked for 8~10 hours, taken out and dried for use.
2, matrix preparation: At present, the commonly used matrix materials for plug seedlings are grass charcoal, vermiculite, perlite, etc., more use of charcoal: vermiculite: perlite = 2:1:1, should also add appropriate amount of inorganic fertilizer in the matrix With organic fertilizer, add 2.6~3.1 kg of NPK compound fertilizer 15:15:15 and 10~15 kg of deodorized chicken manure and other organic fertilizer per cubic meter of matrix. The pH of the matrix is ​​5.8 to 7.0.
Peat is a semi-decomposed swamp vegetation with a pH of 3.8~4.5. It has fine texture and poor gas permeability. It is often mixed with vermiculite or perlite.

Matrix disinfection.
3. Loading: First, the substrate should be prepared, and the prepared substrate should be placed in the tray. When loading the disc, care should be taken not to press hard. Because the physical properties of the matrix are damaged after compaction, the air content in the matrix is And the amount of absorbable water is reduced. The correct method is to use a scraper to scrape from one side of the plug to the other, so that each tray is filled with the substrate, especially the four corners and the edge of the disk, must be the same as the middle hole. The matrix cannot be overfilled and the cells should be clearly visible after filling.
4, pressure points: the installed disk should be pressed to facilitate the insertion of seeds into the hole, you can use the specially made pressure point device to press the hole, you can also put the vertical plate of the substrate with the matrix, 4~5 plate Place an empty plate on top and place both hands flat on the plate until the required depth is reached.
5, sowing: the seeds are placed in the plate of the well-pressed points, one hole per hole, to avoid the missed broadcast, the seed with low germination rate is 2 seeds per hole. 6. Covering the substrate: Cover the tray with vermiculite after sowing. The method is to pour the meteorite on the plug, scrape the scraper from one side of the plug to the other, remove the excess meteorite, and cover the meteorite. It is appropriate to be level with the cell.

7. Seedling tray into the bed: Place the seeded seedling tray in the seedbed, pour the seedling tray with water in time, spray it gently and evenly, prevent the matrix and seeds in the hole from rushing out, then The seedling bed is covered with a mulch film to prevent water dispersion in the seedling tray. When covering the mulch film, some small bamboo strips need to be placed on the seedling tray to leave a gap between the film and the seedling tray without sticking. It is also possible to dip the tray into the water tank before seeding after the substrate is placed, and the water is slowly infiltrated from the bottom of the tray, and the water absorption is relatively uniform, and then placed in the seedbed.
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