Seeding machine

The nursery seeding machine is developed by Zhengzhou Taizy machine based on the current domestic seedling production status. Meet the seeding and seedling needs of vegetable production bases. Committed to improving the efficiency of seedling seedling sowing, greatly reducing the labor cost of seeding and seedling production, and improving the quality of seedling production. By rational design, quality and performance are reduced while reducing costs. With the highest price/performance ratio, the lowest price is beneficial to the majority of users.

Seeding machine is made entirely of stainless steel, the core components are imported parts, and the seeding machine is easy to operate. Users only need to provide 220V universal power supply to work immediately, without professional maintenance personnel.
Nursery seeding machine advantages:
The machine is small in size, light in weight, flexible in operation, simple in structure, and has a pressing point, and the seeding and seeding are completed once.
1.750 watt imported whirlpool fan with strong suction.
2. Made entirely of high quality stainless steel.
3. According to different seed and sowing requirements, configure the corresponding seeding board and suction head.
4. Can be equipped with seeding board 288 holes, 200 holes, 128 holes, 105 holes, 98 holes, 72 holes, 50 holes, 32 holes. The seeding board is matched with the tray, and the 54*28 international standard seedling tray.
5. One plate at a time of sowing, the sowing speed is 400-500 hours, and the seeding rate is 955%–8%. Efficient and convenient to use, easy to operate.

Nursery seeding machine service:
┬áThe after-sales service is perfect, the whole machine will be free of charge for one year from the date of purchase. All accessories are permanently available at a cost price after the free warranty period. Speed: 400-500 discs/hour, seeding rate: 95%–98% or more. Large and small seeds can be broadcast to the maximum broadcast: soybeans, peas, corn, pumpkin, etc., the smallest can be broadcast: petunia (1 g 10,000), celery, cabbage, etc., conventional seeds: eggplant, pepper, tomato, lettuce and other seeds . 1 set of equipment pk15– 20 personal workers, artificial point of 100 sets / day / person, the machine points to 3000 sets / day / 2 people. Achieve precision seeding. Simple, practical, elementary school culture, junior high school culture will operate. Generally seeding machines can make uncertain seeds such as pumpkin, lettuce, watermelon, corn, etc. No need for auxiliary facilities such as air compressors, no need for professional maintenance, and the completion of the nursery production line with the back-watering sprinkler conveyor line. The nursery seeding machine contains a set of molds (pressure plate, seeding plate, precision suction hole). For example, the machine contains a set of 50-hole molds. There are 72 points and 105 holes on your side. 2 sets of molds can be used and can be shared on one machine. According to the size of the seed, the corresponding suction head is matched.
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